Medical Records Release

Accessing Your Medical Records

A Medical Record Release Authorization Form (either our MedPeds form or a form from another provider, attorney, insurance company, etc...) must be completed before medical records may be released to any party, including to our patients.

Please Read - Updated Fee Information:

MedPeds LLC contracts with DataFile Technologies to copy and provide all medical records requested from our office. DataFile Technologies will invoice you for fees as allowed by the State of Maryland and will send you all of the necessary directions to receive your records.

  • Base Fee: $22.09 (not charged when records sent to patient or to a specialist).
  • Per Page Fee: 73 cents per page (not charged when records sent to a specialist) - per page handling charge applies whether printing, faxing or copying to thumb drive.
  • Mailing/Shipping: Postage costs will be invoiced to you from DataFile Technologies - waived if we send via fax or picked up from our office.

By signing this authorization, you are requesting that DataFile Technologies release your medical records. If a charge is applicable (per state guidelines), you are agreeing to pay DataFile Technologies. In the case of continuity of care, a minimal portion of your records may be transmitted directly to a physician as a courtesy.

There is no charge for immunization records given to the patient (or parent, guardian).
Please note that you have free access to view, print or download your medical records via the Patient Portal 24 hours a day.


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