Reaching Our Billing Department

Our billing department can help answer questions during our normal telephone hours. When our offices are closed you may leave a message with your name, date of birth, telephone number and a brief summary about the reason for your call. Your call will be returned. You may reach billing at (301) 498-8880, Option 5.

After Hours Services

In order to compensate and encourage doctors to provide after hours and weekend visits, the state of Maryland allows practices to charge and be reimbursed for "after hours" services that occur after 6:00 pm Mondays - Fridays, or on weekends. Accordingly, MedPeds now bills the After Hours code, 99050. The additional cost of $25 may or may not be covered by your insurance plan. Should you receive a bill for charges related to the After Hours Fee, kindly call our office and the charge will be adjusted. For more information on the After Hours code visit the Maryland Health Commission website.

Copays and Patient Balances

Copays and patient balances are due at the time service is rendered unless payment arrangements (up to 3 months) have been made. We may need to reschedule your appointment if you are unable to pay your copay and/or patient balance.

Medical Assistance/Medicaid

We accept Maryland Medicaid and several Medicaid Managed Care programs including Amerigroup, Priority Partners, Medstar Family Choice, Maryland Physicians Care, Riverside Health, and University of Maryland Medical System. For all of the managed care programs, a MedPeds provider must be listed on your ID card for us to treat you. If the Medicaid shows a non-MedPeds provider as your PCP, you will be referred to the PCP on file for care.

Insurance Disputes

MedPeds bills you according to your medical insurance company's instructions. If you have medical insurance and wish to dispute the amount you are being billed, we recommend you first call your insurance company to inquire about how your claim was processed. If an error was made by your insurance company, we recommend that you ask them to reprocess the claim. We will continue to bill you unless and until your insurance company advises us not to.

Claims processed "out of network"

Your medical insurance company knows whether we are "in network" by the TAX ID we report on our claims. If the insurance company processes some MedPeds claims in network and not others, contact your insurance rep and ask them to reprocess the claim correctly.

Patient Refunds

Patient Refunds are processed weekly. If you believe you are due a refund and have not received one, please contact our billing department.

Collection and Discharge Process

Accounts that go unpaid are reviewed weekly for collections. We urge you to contact us if there is a problem with your or if you cannot pay it in full. We will work with you to avoid collection activity by setting up a payment plan. If we do not hear from you, and you do not make regular payments, our policy is to add collection fees of 50% of the patient balance, send your account collections, and process you and your family’s discharge from the practice. Discharged patients and their family members may not schedule future appointments until the balance is settled and we receive your assurance that accounts we be paid on time in the future.

Small unpaid collection balances are sometimes managed in-house. A collection fee of 50% will be added to the patient balance and the accounts written off to bad debt. In this case, the in house collection balance must be paid in full, or we may allow you to make a partial payment and set up an automated payment plan of no more than 3 months duration. Patients who consistently pay their statements late, may also be discharged from the practice.

Screening Services

We bill insurance companies for vision and hearing screenings. However, it is our policy to adjust screenings not covered by insurance. Should you receive a bill for vision or hearing screen services, please let us know and the charge will be adjusted

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